We need YOUR help.

As we know, the Government & regulatory bodies only respond to their language of choice… STATISTICS

Hence this request. We need numbers by way of registration to build our own national database. We are only asking for a few minutes of your time to provide us with your email contact details to know precise numbers of affected Australians (and their locations) this will also enable us to alert you of any changes/updates in the mesh community by way of email and a newsletter.

This means you can simply add your first name, email address, state/country and how you identify yourself (mesh injured etc), age range, sex and the remainder is optional.


In order to formally advocate for the community Kim B, Andrea W and Justine (Jasmine Anne) established Mesh Injured Australia last year; statistics and locations of injured persons is data we need when in meetings with health, politicians, government workers etc. who quote inaccurate figures to us regularly and we need to be able to rectify this. If a National Registry is discussed or formalised we will request your permission and alert you via email on how to register yourselves.  Email is a more secure medium and as we know some of us drop off social media at times due to our conditions, this way you won't miss out!

If you know of anyone who is injured and not on social media we urge you to help them register also

Individualised data will not be sold or shared outside of Mesh Injured Australia Inc.
Your data is kept on the platform "mailchimp" and every time you receive an email from us, there will always be a link to unsubscribe or to opt out. We will ONLY use de-identified data to advocate on your behalf.

Thank you for adding your voice to our mission!
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